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of immigrants rights groups [chanting] >> reporter: students and community members with the group by any means necessary protested outside the gates this morning. uc regents confirmed napolitano back in july. but despite the confirmation, many say she's the wrong person for the job. she's had to deal with a backlash for immigrant rights groups who are upset over her previous stances on immigration and what they say was deporting 2 million illegal immigrants while the director. >> we judge people by the action and she was responsible for federal immigration enforcement and the record number of deportation ofs of -- deportations of more than 2 million people. she is an insult and a threat and an unwelcomed sign to immigrant students in california. [ applause ] >> reporter: when we spoke to napolitano after wards, she says that during her tenure in d.c., she pushed for more immigration reform and wants us students to know mainly high school students that the uc system is open to everybody. >> that's a self-created fear. this is a university that is open to those who qualify academically. i would
of homeland security, the record number of deportation. she told us that she'd push for more immigration reform as head of homeland security and says she wants high school student tons that the uc system is open to everybody -- students to know that the uc system is open for everybody. >> we're going to do more for all first generation students whether they are documented or undocumented than has ever been done. >> and just in the past five minutes we learned napolitano will earmark $5 million to help students live in the u.s. illegal, special counseling and financial aid. she calls the money a down payment on a commitment to all acdemically qualified students. >>> and a multimillion dollar fine for pg&e's gas line failure. and the massive construction excavators. they've been found. we'll tell you how they were found. >> and how warm it will be in your neighborhood and in your city tomorrow. . >>> new developments in a shooting in san leandro. police arrest ed two oakland men. michael breedlove and martin to shoot and until cruz. the arrests of the results of detective work that started
. >> reporter: napolitano has faced criticism for not doing more to stop the deportation of immigrants. she said she's going to set aside millions to help students who enter the country illegally. >> thank you members of the commonwealth club. >> reporter: in her first major speech since being named president of the university of california. janet napolitano addressed a hot button issue. >> let me be clear. uc welcomes all students who qualify academically. whether they're documented, or undocumented. >> reporter: napolitano told the crowd, while homeland security director county she pushed for comprehensive immigration reform. tonight, she pledged additional support. >> i'm going to set aside $5 million this year, right now, with student service centers and financial aid. >> reporter: napolitano has spent much of the time getting acquainted with the university. >> i was invited to pet a shark. i just got here from washington. >> reporter: while napolitano left washington behind, protesters chanted outside of her visit today. >> janet napolitano was responsible for escalating federal immigration
of immigration reform. the u.s. chamber of commerce is hosting a forum on the need for immigration reform. high-tech representatives from the silicon valley immigration advocacy group are also attending the event. president obama wants to congress to pass immigration reform legislation before the end of the year. >>> time now 6:15. disgraced former sap that clara county supervisor george shirakawa has been indicted by a criminal grand jury. the indictment is tied to allegations of a political dirty trick three years ago. investigators say shirakawa impersonated a san jose city council candidate on bogus mailers that linked her to the communist government in vietnam. shirakawa resigned in march due to another scandal. he was accused of stealing public money and campaign donations to pay for his alleged gambling habit. >>> a federal judge is ruling that former alameda fire chief dave kapler has to pay the city's legal costs in his termination lawsuit. in september of 2010 he was fired after he was photographed using a city gasoline pump to fuel up his bmw. kapler appealed the city's decision but
among them overhauling the nation's immigration system of here and in jeopardy. >>: he's gotten himself in a pickle. it doesn't mean he can't get out of it but to be talking about anything else about immigration reform in this and that, i think it's high in the sky. so can he recover. well barack obama sold to the public is like jimmy carter. i don't lie i'm truthful. and with obama care seems to be a lot of question marks and it seems to be a lot of weasel words danielle activity going on around this rollout which the allies a strong cup commander in chief. the president today trying to turn the page on a bad few weeks for the white house i'm here because i want your companies to know, i want companies around the world purchase offset to know, that i believe there is no better place in the world to do business than united state of america. what he can't ignore -- his approval rating sinking to 42 percent -- an all-time low in the new nbc wall street journal poll. and more than half of americans saying obamacare needs a major overhaul or should be totally eliminated. they'll still be pl
under the united states and mexican border stretching all the way to san diego. immigration says that the passage was recently completed but shut down before it was used to bring drugs for the united states. the discovery was made by the san diego tunnel task force including members of ice and other federal agencies. a similar one was discovered three years ago 30 tons of marijuana confiscated in that operation. >> want to see how frightening a high speed chase is? check out video of a crash in wisconsin, a drunk driving suspect hit the bay area when he exited too late and too fast. it sent the car flying into a patrol car. the sheriff says two deputies and the suspect were injured. all are expected to recover. speeds reached up to 110 miles per hour before the crash. authorities say this suspect has now been arrested three times on d.u.i. >> engine failure on a night for passengers headed to san francisco taking off from tokyo. they landed in alaska but got to the destination safely. >> delayed reunion was happy at sfo for a couple. barbara was flying home after a week in sippin
of immigrants and to the united states is about to resume receiving visitors for the first time since superstore sandy's search gushed in the new york harbor. >> of all the buildings of the ellis island immigration museum are due to reopen to the public today, almost one year after the storm. allied is what boyle as an electrical systems and left the 2.7 acre item without power for months. >> but the national park service note that much work still needs to be done. more than 1 million photographs and other artifacts remain in storage while buildings are fixed and upgraded perry it >> a fight over renewing the nation's farm bill has centered on cuts to the 80 billion of your food stamp program. >> but there could be unintended consequences if no agreement is reached--- milk prices. >> members of the house and senate are scheduled to begin long awaited negotiations on the five- year, or roughly $500 billion bill this week. >> if they don't finish it, dairy supports to expire at the end of the year and send the price of milk skyward. >> the farm bill sets policy for farm subsidies, food stamps and
having been a non english speaking student and immigrant early on and quite frankly times that were very different that we were bullied all the time and didn't know it was bullying and right to the point i actually dropped out of school, and i think it's also important to recognize it's not kids on kids and sometimes adults are part of it, and sometimes unfortunately staff members are part of it. i remember being accused early on by a science teacher and told i was using lsd and i didn't know what it was at the time. i was in the class for three months and didn't work english and the teacher didn't realize i didn't speak english and there was only 20 in the classroom and bullying can take different shapes and not paying attention and caring and while we're focusing on what kids are doing to each other, we must not ignore that sometimes adults can be part of the problem just by their behavior, even by the way they look the other way. i agree with richard 100% that we need to deal with this but zero tolerance has to be articulated in a very different way. 36% of kids that are bullied
'll not firmly to me perry >> this vietnamese in immigrant who turned to the mix of red jalapeno peppers, garlic, salt, and vinegar into a multibillion-dollar global brand he says the plant which was chosen to be built here by the city of or when they'll cost $40 million and has estate of the arctic air filters, even taking media to the roof to prove it. >> at all to its harbor is and chile grinding time-- truck load after truck load of hot peppers brought it over a three month period. in the last week that air quality department has logged 11 complaints in said an inspector finding no smells no ballet shoes at the plant. while srirach smells no ballet shoes at the p[ male announcer ]h the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. in the hands of a judge. clear skies all around the bay area at this hour. alliant at we want to stay mostly clear tonight and the storm trackers shows a storm will pass to the north and we will not s
and blood taken himself in the crime. >> the island that ushered millions of immigrants into the united states is about to resume receiving visitors. for the first time since super storm sandy into new york harbor. calls and the buildings of the ellis island immigration museum are due to reopen to the public today. it swung to a bowlers and electrical systems and left a 27.5 a. island without power for months. the national park service knows that much work is still needed. more than 1 million photographers and other artifacts remain in storage while the building is being fixed and upgraded. >> coming up on the kron4 morning newest. mcdonald's catch up. how the changes are going to affect a decade old partnership. we will have details on the new ketchup coming up after the break. break. you got to love the weekend. it's like everyone came to, "if it's good, let's save it for the weekend." so here's to the kfc ten buck weekend bucket. ten pieces, ten bucks. any recipe. just ten bucks every saturday and sunday. today tastes so good. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiv
as the 'syrian electronic army' is claiming responsibility. a tweet about immigration reform was supposed to send followers to a news article. but it was linked to a video montage of terror attacks. including 9-11.. the account, "@barackobama" is used by the president's organizing for action campaign. the hackers apparently include supporters of syria's president. and they've hacked other high-profile accounts and ads. >> we are waking up to clear skies. we have mostly cloudy >> we are waking up to clear skies. we have mostly cloudy conditions at sfo. w to those who've worried... suffered in silence... hoped... and lived in a state of fear... welcome to a new state... of health. welcome to covered california. the place to find quality, affordable coverage. financial help for those in need. and nobody can be denied because of a pre-existing condition. enroll now at imagine a place created all around family. where everyone, can relax or play.. place in hawaii.t welcome to aulani.... ...a family paradise... with just a touch of disney magic. for special offers, visit
term priorities - chief among them overhauling the nation's immigration system -- appear in jeopardy. >> he's got himself in a pickle here. it does not mean he can't get out of it, but to be talking about anything else now like 'we'll do immigration reform' and this and that, i think it's pie in the sky. >> so can he recover? >> there's a question of competence going on now. i mean, what barack obama sold to the public was like jimmy carter - 'i don't tell a lie. i'm truthful'. in this obamacare rollout there seem to be a lot of question marks everywhere. and there seems to be a lot of weasel words - a kind of mealy mouthed activity going around this rollout now, which belies a strong commander in chief. r >> brinkley says making sure obamacare works has to be priority number one. the administration announced yesterday that google and oracle are among the companies contributing dozens of computer engineers and programmers to the tech surge working to fix healthcare-dot-gov. >> when we return we will >> when we return we will have dine [son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one tol
congress to debate immigration reform. the u.s. chambers of commerce is hosting a forum on immigration reform. high-tech representatives from silicon valley's immation advocacy group are also at the event. the president wants congress to pass immigration reform before the end of the year. also syrian hackers claim they hacked president obama's twitter account. yesterday, two links posted on the president's account redirected users to sites that support syrian president assad. the group syrian electronic army, well, they've hacked into several prominent websites including why the the new york times." -- including "the new york times." >>> we're getting a look into a nursing home where more than a dozen people were allegedly abandoned and we're getting more information about what the owner said she was trying to do of about the facility was shut down. on saturday, mare medics lee moved -- paramedics removed 14 people from the home after someone called for an ambulance. there were three staff members on duty. neighbors say the conditions there have been bad for years. >> the facility and
've been forgotten. >>> and the largest immigration fraud find in u.s. history is expected this week. john miller on the future for tech giant and the man who blew the whistle. the news is back in the morning so we'll see you right at 7:00. >> all right. nora, we'll be watching. thank you. >>> 6:50 now. a famous country singer involved in a deadly accident. we'll have the very latest on that and the reason the driver may not be ticketed in that tour bus crash coming up. looking >>> passengers say their airline imprisoned them. i'm mark kelly. coming up, a live report from oakland international on what's being called the flight from hell. the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i research
to the company. >>> protesters took to the streets today against an immigration audit that they say left more than 100 people out of work. labor groups marched to homeland security's local office in san jose this afternoon. asking the feds to back off. they say the department's audit showed some workers at the bon appetit cater companystatus. protesters are asking the fed to give the workers more time to sort out their affairs. >>> the southern california woman ticketed for driving while wearing google glass says she's going to fight it. several lawyers are offering to help. cecilia was pulled over tuesday night in san diego for speeding. the officer noticed she was wearing google glass, the officer tacked on another citation for being distracted by a video or tv screen. she says she was not using it at the time, and there's no law banning her from wearing it. >>> dell has a smelly problem. customers are complaining on support forums that a newer model of a dell computer smells like cat pee. one user even said he gave his cat away because he thought it was using the computer as a litter box.
as president from the system because of the large number of undocumented immigrants reported as she was homeland secretary. tonight she will outline the vision for the uc system in what's being billed as her first major public address. she will speak at 6:00 at a common wecht event at the mark -- common wecht event at the mark -- commonwealth hotel. >>> two caterpillars were returned to a construction company last night after someone stole the company from the site last week on marsh creek road. those missing excavators cost more than $100,000. the chp is expected to release more information on how they were found later this morning. >>> hour time is 7:31. later today, yelp will rut the -- cut the kibben on their -- ribbon on their new headquarters. nancy pelosi and ed lee will be at the ceremony. the company will announce local nonprofits chosen to get $100,000 grants from the yelp foundation. >>> new development in the case of a castro valley nursing home shut down amid charges of patient neglect. why state regulators are investigating another care facility owned by the same fami
. the storm left the island - which was a first stop to millions of immigrants - without power for months. even though it has reopened - the park service says there's still a lot of work to be done. >> in the uk, people are waking up to what could be the heaviest storm in a decade. it's cut off the electricity to more than 140-thousand homes. and we could see that number rise. rescuers braved rough waters on sunday evening, searching for a missing teenager. they said the boy was swept out to sea on the south coast. he has not been found yet. wind gusts measured over 93 miles per hour in some areas. scaffolding in london falls because of the intense winds and rain - a blown-down tree lies in the road in front of a police vehicle in east sussex early monday morning investigators are still surveying the damage. fallen trees are blocking roads and railways after strong winds and heavy rain wreaked havoc in southern england. >> catherine: now, let us cut the forecast with jacqueline. >> jacqueline: now, we see this live shot with fresh powder at many of the resorts. let us take a look at storm
. four years ago, the county agreed to hold suspects so that immigration agents could arrest them for possible deportation. but in 2011, the county passed a law saying they would only hold the suspects if the government reimbursed them for detention costs. on tuesday, the board will talk about whether that law should be changed. >>> a suspect who was shot by suspect police in the marina district is due to appear in court today. the man is facing charges including ae ited on -- attempted robbery, assault with a deadly weapon and battery. prosecutors say police shot him after he tried to rob a man who was answering a craigslist ad for an iphone and then he ran from police. he's also facing charges on the peninsula related to another craigslist scam. >>> 7:11. if you have been to the beach in santa cruz recently, you may have noticed a strange smell. the paper worsts the algae -- reports the algae usually blooms from august through october. but it's hanging around a little later than usual. in addition to the smell, it can trigger allergies in people who are sensitive. >>> santa cruz
millions of immigrants into the united states over the years. now, a lot oaf us also remember this, remember this, the scene of superstorm sandy, slamming into the famous jersey shore, a year ago. the governor of new jersey admits there have been a lot of major delays getting help to the victims of sandy. the governor chris christie maintains his administration is not to blame. he says it took congress three months to finally approve the 51 billion-dollar relief package for those sandy victims. >>> also happening today, back here at home, governor brown is scheduled to announce an agreement between western states and brit british columbia to fight climate change. the agreement is expected to involve standards for reducing greenhouse standards. officials say the agreement is significant because a combined economy of western states and british columbia makes it the 5 5th largest in the world. >>> it's 8:17. in 45 minutes, the trial is set to begin in san mateo county for former 49er and raider, harris. harris is accused of assaulting his boyfriend during an argument at a menlo park r
Search Results 0 to 19 of about 20 (some duplicates have been removed)